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Luxury Melbourne Wedding Cars

Glamour Ride Limousines will have you arriving at your wedding in style! Both the limousines and wedding cars feature a range of modifications that set them apart from the rest but stay within the theme of weddings and will complement your wedding photography. The Chrysler limousines are spectacular! Stretching 8.6 meters long and with 20’ chrome rims, Bentley grille and amazing Lamborghini style front doors which will immediately turn heads. Their Chrysler wedding cars are unique in their own right featuring 22’ chrome rims, Bentley grilles, and Altezza taillights. Inside we provide a platter with mints and lollies, as well as wine and water. These wedding cars and limousines will have white ribbon, pristine red carpet, and will make you feel really special so your wedding day is the fairy tale you always dreamed about.