As one of Melbourne’s foremost wedding venues, we at Red Scooter have a lot of experience in helping people find the venue that suits their needs best. Here are a few of the tips we like to share with engaged couples looking for the perfect wedding venue:

The average couple visit’s between two and ten wedding venues before settling on one. That may not sound like a lot, but remember that you have to set aside a solid chunk of time (morning or afternoon) to visit each one. That’s anywhere from two to ten days spent just on finding the perfect wedding venue.

Know your guest list. Even if you don’t have a final head count, you need at least a general idea (within 20-30 people) of how many guests you want. That way, you can find a venue that can match your guest list. Some venues, like our warehouse-style venue near Melbourne’s CBD, can be customized according to the number of guests you’re inviting. Knowing your guest list will help you to arrange the space just the way you want it and get the best price for the venue that matches your needs.

Know your desired date – If you know when you want to get married, it will be easier to determine if the venue you fall in love with will be available on that date. You’ll be able to finalize the details on the spot.

However, if possible, try to be a bit flexible with your wedding date. You may find your perfect venue is already booked on the specific weekend you wanted, so you’ll have to consider another date. If your date is set in stone – because of your family, your partner’s family, work, or something else – you may not have as many venue options.

Call first – Before you spend time driving out to the venue, call ahead on 03 9527 6846 to find out if your desired date is flexible and if they can accommodate the number of guests you have in mind. It’s better to spend a few minutes on the phone than to waste an hour driving to a venue only to find it won’t work for your wedding.

Get creative – Don’t automatically settle for the local church, cathedral, or wedding reception venue. Melbourne is home to some truly amazing and creative venues you can consider for your big day!

For a truly memorable experience, our warehouse-style venue is as creative as it gets. We can customize our space according to your tastes, and you’ll find we offer the best personalization of any venue in Melbourne. Plus, we’re experts at turning your dreams into reality, and we’ll help you to make your wedding fantasies come true!

Red Scooter The Unique Events Venue
Red Scooter The Unique Events Venue


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