If there is one thing a bride-to-be wants, it’s the chance to feel like she’s living a real life fairytale, and that’s exactly what The Regal Ballroom offers.

As you walk in you’ll feel live you’ve been plucked from reality and placed into the magical pages of a Cinderella story. With every golden trim and painted surface preserved exactly the way it was way back when. The Regal Ballroom embodies the grandeur of an era long past, yet in no way forgotten. It stands as a remix of classic romanticism fused with a barrage of history fit for a once in a lifetime celebration.

Being a completely dynamic venue we cater for weddings of every size. Whether you’re after a chic cocktail party for 80 or a lavish 7 course dinner for 300, The Regal Ballroom can be tailored to your imagination. It’s where intimacy meets extravagance and only a few places in Melbourne can boast such uniqueness.

The Regal Ballroom
The Regal Ballroom


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