My name is Meriki Comito, I am an authorised Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne, and I welcome you to the exciting journey of planning a wedding!

I am incredibly honoured to have earned acclaim as one of the most popular wedding celebrants in Melbourne, and after over 10 years of declaring over 500 couples happily married, I have acquired an incredibly vast amount of experience in all aspects of wedding ceremony planning from start to finish.

Whether it is understanding what each couple needs to make their marriage ceremony more meaningful + relevant, or simply being able to ‘go with the flow’ as I deliver your ceremony to all your guests on the big day – I have you covered.

My attention to detail, supreme organisational skills, and expertise has kept me in high demand all around Melbourne and beyond.

I maintain a fun + relaxed, yet professional service that is tailored to each individual couple, ensuring the whole process is stress free, regardless of whether the event is a big happy personalised love story, or a short + sweet, legals only elopement.

With highly developed writing + communication skills, and over 20 years’ experience of public performance experience in the entertainment industry, I will work with you to co-create and present your ceremony with confidence, elegance + fun, guiding you smoothly through all the ceremony planning processes to make it legal!

Meriki Comito
Meriki Comito



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