Down Under Ice Designs has over 20 years experience creating wedding sculptures to suit your theme and amaze your guests. We have many designs and enjoy the challenge of designing unique and individual sculptures to make that once-in-a-lifetime occasion so special.

Almost anything can be carved from ice. For example, animals (especially winged), fish, monuments and most produce. We have various designs available or can be designed to your specifications.

Sculptures are usually carved in our studio, except when carved on site for special performances. Sculptures can be displayed indoor or outdoor.

Ice Sculptors use special Japanese hardened-steel chisels, saws and electric power tools such as chain saws, angle grinders and drills to perform their art. The size of sculptures depends on customer needs, We can do any size varying from small table top miniatures of 400 cm to 4 meter or more high multi-block carvings.

Depending on your requirements we can supply special ice trays with drainage or water reservoirs. Because of the special ice used carvings will last the whole function, up to 7 hours (depending on size and design).

We deliver your sculpture to:

  • The event and set up with lights, drainage and any other requirements, one hour prior to commencement,
  • To your freezer ready for use, at a mutually convenient time, or
  • For multi-block carvings our team assembles the sculpture/s on site.
  • If required, we can remove at the end of the function.

Presentation of ice sculptures is important and to achieve maximum impact lighting is often used. We can supply coloured spot lights and light ice trays which illuminate the ice from within.

Down Under Ice Designs
Down Under Ice Designs


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