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For many brides, the idea that there smile isn’t all it should be typically doesn’t cross their minds until it’s too late. With the stress of planning the special event, picking out the dress and even making decisions about the reception menu, many brides forget about the fact that ensuring they have a great smile should be included on their ever-growing to-do list. Given that you will be forever reminded of your smile in wedding photos, you’ll want for it to be as picture-perfect as possible.

What Issues Can a Wedding Smile Makeover Correct?

There are a variety of dental issues that a wedding smile makeover can remedy. From cracked teeth to improper spacing, a wedding smile makeover can correct virtually any problem that is keeping you from having a great smile on your special day. Uneven, stained and missing teeth can all be fixed with a smile makeover, as well as improper bites. Vogue Smiles Melbourne utilizes state of the art cosmetic dentistry techniques to provide each of her patients with smiles that they can be proud of, and can brighten your wedding day smile as well.

Porcelain Veneer Specials and Packages

Feeling self-conscious and insecure with your smile? With our dental veneers specials and packages, your smile transformation is now easily achievable. We can make your dream smile a reality, whether you are looking to enhance the appearance of your teeth or for a complete smile makeover. We have the skills, expertise and facilities to offer a complete cosmetic dental solution for patients looking to transform their smile.

Our smile makeovers are tailored to your needs so we can combine popular treatments to make your dream smile a reality. We also offer flexible finance options and different specials and packages to make your treatment even more convenient and affordable.

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