Ethical, vegan and cruelty rree! Nicole is one of the only professional hair and makeup artists in Australia who has made the commitment to using healthier, safer, more natural and organic, CHOOSE CRUELTY FREE accredited and VEGAN friendly products.

“I am a firm believer that cosmetics should be applied in such a way that skin still looks like skin! My ethos is simply, “that no animal should ever suffer for human vanity!”

I love that I am able to showcase that cruelty free, vegan friendly and natural cosmetics look just as good, and often better than animal tested, highly synthetic brands.”

With three decades of experience as a freelance hair and makeup artists, working not only in bridal, but also in the fashion, advertising and music industries, Nicole is highly sought after for her ability to create stunning, polished, yet natural looks that enhance and compliment her clients.  Nicole has a well deserved reputation for being a highly ethical, compassionate artist, doing her best by her clients, animals and the environment.                              

Nicole is highly skilled in creating tailored hairstyles, from natural waves and earthy looks, through to highly elaborate, intricate updos, and she has an extensive portfolio showcasing her work. Check out her latest work on her insta @nicolegroch_hairmakeup.

Her makeup work is delicate and precise. Nicole believes only in coverage where coverage is needed! That makeup should enhance features and not mask them . No partner wants to turn up to their wedding to find the person they love and are marrying looking like a completely different person. That being said, her makeup application is done is such a way that it lasts from early morning till the end of your event. 

Nicole’s clients rave about how their makeup and hair not only lasted perfectly all day and night, but that the  products she used on them,  felt beautifully light and natural and never cakey!  Some clients have even reported back that they slept in their makeup, as it was so light and fresh looking even at the end of the night, and the fact it was all natural and organic, they knew it was not going to clog their skin.

Nicole Groch
Nicole Groch

The brands Nicole chooses to work with are all as natural, safe and organic as possible, as not only does she  believe that steering clear of animal tested cosmetics is important, but so too is the health and safety of her clientele. Many of Nicole’s clients who have had trouble with reactions from synthetic cosmetics in the past are thrilled to find that Nicole uses such natural products.

The products Nicole works with are all by ethical, professional grade, natural and eco friendly brands, including; Inika Organic, Neek Skin Organics, Ere Perez,  Momma Cosmetics, Adorn Cosmetics,  Kester Black and the vegan products in the Eye of Horus range. 

For hair she uses salon grade, Australian made Everescents Organic Haircare, Eco Lab Style Project and Cleverl Curl. 

Nicole Groch is very approachable, warm, friendly and will work together with you to create your perfect, individualized look for your wedding, in a manner that is fun, relaxed, enjoyable and completely stress free.  

Most brides opt to come and see Nicole for a trial at her home studio in Cheltenham prior to their wedding, and this is highly recommended, as it allows Nicole to spend time creating a look that you love and which on completion of your trial, is photographed, along with all the products Nicole uses on you being recorded on a card. Come your wedding day, you literally can completely relax, confident in knowing what you are going to look like. It becomes a fun, pampering experience, as you sit back and let Nicole work her magic.

Nicole is one of the most hygienic and safe makeup artists around. She has a strict hygiene protocol and doesn’t double dip applicators or brushes back  into any products. She uses single use, ecofriendly, sugar cane disposable palettes and disposable bamboo applicators to ensure no cross-contamination.  She has even written a guide for other makeup artists in her blog LivingSafe – COVID19 Hygiene Protocol For Freelance Makeup Artists, in order to help other artists keep their clients safe in these times.


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