When you want to get it right, your day captured beautifully and loving every minute of it, then talk to David. It’s what he’s been delivering for over 15 years. Relax knowing your day, venue, friends and family are being captured by David, a multi award winning Master photographer. It could be a shoot only day, or the full service that include my famous sleek books.

Located in a great warehouse studio in Fitzroy, David has shot in every state of Australia and regularly covers destination weddings, near or far. Not everyone actually realises how exciting this experience can be, as a lot of pop up, here today, gone tomorrow, people calling themselves photographers have confused many people about what to expect. Don’t leave this to chance… find out for yourself why David’s creative energy and love for the industry has been amazing couples for years and let him work with you to achieve the best possible results for your budget.

David Fowler Photography
David Fowler Photography


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