So you’re getting hitched? Congratulations! And now you’re looking for a wedding photographer. Your idea of a wedding is spending as much time with family and friends, not having to pose for photos for hours on end and just having one big party. All with a big fat smile planted on your face. Are we right?

We know that a wedding is not a fashion shoot for a wedding magazine so we don’t treat it like that.

We will just take a little bit of time to get some really great photos with your family, wedding party and of course the two of you. But we guarantee it won’t do it for hours on end. 

Following a non-intrusive approach, we will photograph your wedding as it unfolds and we will capture it beautifully and naturally, always looking out for the simple and real things that actually happen. We won’t ask you to stage anything because we know that’s just weird and awkward. Sound like you?

We would love to hear from you and learn all about you both and your wedding day. 

Love is Sweet Weddings
Love is Sweet Weddings


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