Melbourne Interactive Entertainment is all about the energy, atmosphere and music.

For over 12 years, they’ve focused on creating unforgettable entertainment experiences for weddings, corporate events and special events. We understand that you’d both love a smooth event so our event planning service ensures all is sorted before event begins, synchronises with our premium MC service and allows you to celebrate and enjoy yours special day. We offer a variety of music to be played including ability for requests but what sets us apart is our ability to tailor music to match your style and “read the crowd” on the night at a professional level that will exceed expectations.

Our founder’s vision was to create unique and engaging experiences for his guests. He incorporated DJ Decks with live musicians such as saxophone, percussion and vocalist – has been a leader in the field with vast experience in performing and management. We are passionate about making each event vibrant and interactive. The result was an unforgettable and exciting promise of a great night. They’re passionate about making sure each event runs smoothly, the performers are hungry to make your event one you won’t forget and your guests raving about for some time!

We have a number of specials available right now. We offer special deals customers booking during Covid 19.

Book in a friendly obligation free chat with our senior wedding planner.

Melbourne Interactive Entertainment
Melbourne Interactive Entertainment



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