Best Karaoke Bars Melbourne

At Wicked Hens Nights, we’re constantly being asked by our clients how they can organise a super unique hen’s celebration that is totally memorable (for all the right reasons) yet simple enough for everyone to get involved – whether it’s the bride’s mother or her teenage cousin.

We’ve organised enough parties in our time to know that the perfect celebration looks different for everyone. But in that time, we’ve also learned that there are a few crowd favourites that are absolutely always a hit. When it comes to hosting a hen’s party in Melbourne, one of our top picks is undoubtedly a night of karaoke.

Whether your hen’s party is a big celebration or an intimate gathering, you really can’t go wrong. We’ve seen ladies get amped about singing a nu-metal anthem, and just as many women excitedly keep it classic with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Duets. No matter which tunes are calling your name, this is the ultimate way to give your best friend the send-off from bachelorette life that she deserves. To help make your job as official hens party-planner a whole lot easier, we’ve even gone ahead to round up the six best karaoke spots to drop the mic across Melbourne. We ensured options for absolutely every taste, so you’re guaranteed to find a winner here. Read on to discover the top five karaoke bars in Melbourne.

Top 5 Karaoke Bars Melbourne

Ichi Ni Nana

Imagine an entire floor dedicated to karaoke – where you can sing and dance the night away. Now times that by three and you get Ichi Ni Nana. This three-storey sprawling venue on Brunswick Street is the absolute mecca of Karaoke for the city. Available to book for groups of five or more, it’s got all the trimmings for a seriously good sing-along session. From red curtains to help unleash your inner performance to a nice strong stage for all your foot stomping and a broad-ranging songbook filled with plenty of belters, you really can’t go wrong!

As well as being a go-to karaoke destination, the venue also hosts an incredible and totally authentic Japanese restaurant. Did someone say Lady Gaga with a side of colourful sashimi platters, yakitori skewers and pan-fried gyoza? It’s a yes from us.

Address – 127 Brunswick Street, Fitztroy


Hereos is a four-level South-East-Asian-inspired bar and barbeque spot. As well as serving up smoking skewers in private rooms with table service, you can also tee-up an epic karaoke session for you and the girls. You have the option of booking one of four rooms, with a maximum capacity of between 12 and 25 in each.

Once you arrive, you can ease into the karaoke mood with a generous spread of winds, brisket and cocktails. All you need to do is flick the service light and the bar staff will come running to take your order. After you’ve made a toast to the woman of the hour and finished off one of your favourite cocktails, the stage is all yours – and we’re expecting big things!

Address – Level 1 – 3, 188 Bourke St, Melbourne

Holey Moley

Most people know Holey Moley for it’s 27 pop-culture themed and ultra-colourful mini golf holes. It’s a popular place for people to head when they’re looking for a good night out with a uniquely fun twist.  As well as offering the world’s most creative mini-golf course, there’s also the added bonus of a private karaoke room on-site that far fewer people know about.

While it may not be the venue’s signature offering, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be disappointed with your experience. In fact, it’s rather the opposite. This room is big enough for you to bust out a move when you’re belting out your vocals and the option for a second mic really helps you nail the duets. After singing your little hearts out, you can retreat to the bar for a Sugar Caddy cocktail to really complete the sweet, sweet experience.

Address – 590 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne


Ever seen My Best Friend’s wedding? The open-mic karaoke scene that we all love and know so well comes to life every night of the week at Jankara. Here, you’re given a number with every one or two drinks purchased. Then, it becomes a lotto. The moment your number is called from the stage is your time to shine.

You can take your pick from an extensive range of English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese songs, before you strut your stuff on stage to show everyone what you’re made of. While you’re waiting for your turn, you can spend your time making your way through the long list of Japanese beer, whisky and sake, as well as the small menu of share plates.

Address – 300 Russell Street, Melbourne


If you’ve got a diverse group of ladies coming together for the hen’s party, a great way to break the ice is with a session at Takosan. For the avid karaoke enthusiasts, they’ll be delighted to hear that you can hold up to 35 people in the room and book it out for as long as you like. Once you’re inside, you’re in full control of the tunes that are played through the killer sound system. It’s a combination that can only end one way – with a group singalong.

For those a little more apprehensive about the whole experience, there’s a pretty expansive cocktail menu on offer to help kill the nerves. Some of our personal favourite creative concoctions include the Kill-Billini with bubbles and your choice of sorbet, and The Bride with vodka, passionfruit, lime, apple and egg white.

As maid of honour, sister or best friend, your job isn’t just to organise the hen’s party – it’s to ensure the celebration goes down in history as one to remember. The Wicked Hen’s team is here to help you through every stage of the planning process and we can’t wait to hear from you to get started!

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Melbourne Bucks Bunnies – pretty waitresses

If you’re reading this, it means you or someone close to you is about to walk down the aisle and marry the person of their dreams. Congratulations! It’s such an exciting chapter of life that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and still talk about fondly for years to come. Whether it is you, your brother or your best mate, there are plenty of different traditions when it comes to celebrating this monumental moment.

Some customs date back years and a personal decision for the soon to be wedded couple to make – such as whether they see each other the night before the wedding and which song will play for the first dance.

Other choices are a little cheekier and aren’t always the topic of conversation at the rehearsal dinner. Of course, this is when we’re talking about the buck’s party! Thanks to a growing number of Hollywood blockbusters, these celebrations seem to be getting bigger and wilder as the years go by.

But one staple element that seems to find its way into most Bucks Parties is adult entertainment. Yep, the pretty ladies that know how to put on a good show and give the groom one last night of bachelor life. We caught up with our friends at Wicked Bucks to hear what all the hype was about, and they’ve confirmed what we already thought – you really can’t go wrong with some adult entertainment.

After years spent planning, organising and delivering world-class parties, they’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to host a party that goes down in history as one to remember. Their biggest learning is that it’s worth paying an extra dollar or two to ensure you’ve invested in tasteful and high-quality entertainers that know what they’re doing.

That’s where the Melbourne Bucks Bunnies come in. As the city’s most tasteful topless waitress, there really is a never-ending list of reasons why you need the sheilas at your bucks party.

To save you the effort of having to do the research and make up your mind yourself, the Wicked Crew have put together their top 5 reasons. Read on to find out more.

Top reasons to have Bucks Bunnies at your Bucks Party

1.    Great entertainment

The key to the best bucks’ parties is having a line-up of entertainment that ticks everyone’s boxes, while still making the man of the hour feel as special as he deserves to. While you can sign up for the likes of Go-Karting, bungee jumping and winery tours, it’s nice to have something in-store for when the sun goes down that everyone can get behind – whether it’s your 21-year-old cousin or your Grandad.

The beauty of having Melbourne Bucks Bunnies put on a show for your party goers is that they know exactly how to tailor the performance to suit the crowd. As part of the experience, you’ll have the chance to chat with them in the lead up to the event and discuss everything from the drinks you would like served to how to best embarrass the groom-to-be. With this level of customisation, you really can’t go wrong.

2.    High quality performances

You’d be hard-pressed to find a guy that hasn’t ever seen an adults-only show or been served a drink by a topless waitress. The problem isn’t that most have never experienced the joy, the challenge is finding a quality performance that offers just the right amount of cheekiness and taste.

That’s exactly what the Melbourne Bucks Bunnies pride themselves on doing. According to the experts at Wicked Bucks, these ladies are as good as it gets when it comes to this type of entertainment. After years of experience, high-quality clothing and just the right amount of training, they know exactly how to keep you on the edge of your seat without making you squirm too much. 

3.    Perfect bonding experience

Regardless of how well you know the party-goers, it’s always nice to have some good quality entertainment lined up to keep the good vibes flowing. For some bucks parties, it’s the first time the gang has been together in quite a number of years. For others, it might even be the first time ever that many of the attendees are meeting each other.

Having common ground like this to bond over is a great ice breaker for these situations and will have everyone relaxed and in the mood within a matter of minutes. Additionally, it also gives everyone something to talk about for the rest of the trip and for years to come. What more could a guy want than everyone still talking about his special moment in 10 year’s time?

4.    A last hurrah!

Weddings mark the start of a new chapter – a time to reminisce on all the moments that led up to this point and look forward to the adventures to come. While the prospect of marrying the love of your life undoubtedly brings a whole world of excitement, it’s important to let your hair down one last time as a free bachelor.

Hosting the Melbourne Bucks Bunnies for your mate’s final days of freedom is the perfect way to send him off into that new chapter with absolutely no regrets. This is his chance to get a little cheeky, have some fun with the lads and celebrate everything to come.

5.    In the privacy of your own space

Unlike heading to a gentlemen’s club or topless bar, the Melbourne Bucks Bunnies give you the opportunity to have all the best parts of the experience, without having to leave the comfort of your Melbourne accommodation. Having these ladies around at your place not only means you have direct access to the fridge and the city’s prettiest line-up to keep you fed and hydrated all night long, but you’ve also got the privacy of being as cheeky as you want without anyone knowing what happens. Afterall, what happens on your bucks party stays on your bucks party – right? The crew at Wicked Bucks have organised thousands of bucks celebrations across the globe over the past few years. As well as having the connections to score you epic deals on the likes of Melbourne Bucks Bunnies, they’ve also got a network of suppliers to ensure you get the most of your bucks party. To hear more about what they’ve got on offer, get in touch today.

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Melbourne Hens and Bucks Party FAQ

When should you have your hens or bucks party?

A hens or bucks party can be held at any time, however a couple of weeks before the wedding is common. It’s a great chance to escape from any wedding planning stress and to get excited for the big day.

Who pays for the hens or bucks party?

Typically guests pay for themselves. However, it is not unusual for the bridal couple to cover the costs.

Who should be invited to the hens or bucks party?

The guest list should be made up of the bridal party as well as good friends and family members who are also invited to the wedding. Typically the best man or maid of honour will host the party and should be inviting the guests. They will work with the bride or groom to finalise the guest list.

What is the point of a hens or bucks party?

It’s typically seen as a celebration of the last days of single life.

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Bucks Party Boat Options in Melbourne

Boys, listen up! When it comes to your buddy’s final days of single life, you only get one chance to show him just how much he means to you. While you could just round up a few mates for a drink at your local pub, we think he deserves something a little more special than that.

We don’t all have the budget to fly over to Vegas for a wild weekend that looks a lot like a scene from the iconic The Hangover movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out. In fact, there are plenty of options in your backyard that promise to bring just as many laughs and memories you’ll hold onto for years to come.

It looks like we’re not the only ones that think this way either. We caught up with our friends at Wicked Bucks, and after organising more bachelor celebrations than the rest of us will probably ever attend, they couldn’t agree more. Over the years, these party professionals have learned a thing or two about putting together a memorable event. Their top tip is to find an activity that will keep everyone in the group happy.

That’s where a bucks party cruise in Melbourne comes in. With the help of the team you can turn your boozy ocean-filled dreams into a reality. Prepare yourself for an entire afternoon of fun in the sun, complete with ice-cold beers, seriously stunning ladies and the best views Melbourne has to offer.

The crew have scoured the city of Melbourne high and low to find the best boat party cruise operators on offer, which means you get a direct ticket to the greatest possible experience.  And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ll also be given the opportunity to add on some extra options that will take your afternoon to a whole new level.

Keen to hear more? The Wicked Bucks team has put together a list of some of the most common bucks party boat options for anyone celebrating their final days of freedom in Melbourne.

Melbourne, Bucks Party Boat Inclusions

1.    Spend the afternoon cruising through Melbourne

Don your Sunday best and whip out your sailors’ hat, because there’s a bucks party cruise calling your name. Ahoy! An afternoon spent cruising the Melbourne waterways has got to be one of the best ways to experience the region. The most popular option chosen by soon-to-be-grooms is an afternoon spent cruising through the Yarra River, where views of the city are in abundance.

Unlike other major cities like Sydney or Brisbane, Melbourne has a much quirkier selection of architecture dotted throughout the area. We’re talking age-old buildings, street art and plenty of jaw-dropping water-front venues. This unique landscape is also dotted with stacks of lush greenery, which makes it the perfect backdrop for you to snap some 10/10 Instagram shots. When the sun is out in full force, you’ll be in absolute awe of the views that surround you.

2.    Enjoy the company of your stunning bikini hosts

It goes without saying that plenty of men use their bucks party as an excuse to let down their hair and have a little fun with their mates. And nothing says ‘final days of single life’ quite like a stellar line-up of beautiful women. After spending more than their fair share of time exploring Melbourne, the Wicked Bucks crew have connected with these city’s most stunning ladies. These sheilas are not only easy on their eye, but they’ve got epic personalities to match.

They’re practically begging to put on a show for you and the lads too! If you accept this offer, you’ll be treated to three hours of non-stop fun. These scantily clad bikini babes will be on call to keep the drinks flowing, the food served and the laughs coming. In between topping up your bubbles and handing around the plates of dude food, they might even put on a private show for the gang. Just remember what your mum taught you though, don’t touch what you can’t afford.

3.    Make a toast to the man of the hour

This bucks party cruise is a moment to celebrate the moment you all thought was impossible. Your buddy has finally found someone patient and accepting enough to put up with his ridiculous antics for the rest of eternity, and that’s totally worth celebrating if you ask us. Buff-up your boat cruise with an impressive boat food and beverage package, and you won’t be disappointed.

Your customisable package comes with plenty of food options to go around, and more drinks than you’ll be able to sink during your time out on the water. With stacks of bevvies on hand, you’ll be in the best position to make a toast to the man of the hour and show him just how much he really means to you all.

4.    Crank the tunes

The beauty of heading out for a buck’s party cruise is that it’s just you, your mates and the wide-open waters. Say goodbye to noise restrictions and forget about having to keep your neighbours happy. This is your opportunity to blast all your favourite songs, come together for an epic singalong and strut your dance moves like no-one is watching.

A top tip from the team is to have your camera ready to go, because it’s always a golden opportunity to capture some content for your best man’s speech at the wedding. Because despite what the soon-to-be-groom might think, those dance moves really aren’t what he thinks they are.

5.    Look forward to free club entry afterwards

As seasoned party-planners, the Wicked Bucks crew know that no celebration is complete without a wild night out on the town. After a delightful afternoon spent soaking up the views of Melbourne from your privately chartered boat, the team are only more than happy to arrange transport and entry to the city’s hottest nightclubs. With their connections, you can skip the door charge, forget about waiting in line and make your way straight to the bar for another drink. What more could you want than that?

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